Vermiculite Loose Fill For Packing 100L Litre Bag Vermiculite Loose Fill For Packing 100L Litre Bag Default Manufacturer We are one of the largest suppliers in the UK of the fantastic Vermiculite Mineral used for Packaging and general packing. Has a huge number of qualities including fire retardant, soaks up spills during transit and keeps your goods very safe by filling every void. Supplied in 100L Litre bags so easy to store. We doubt you will find a lower price, if you do, call us! 01268 768 768 now. vermiculite_for_packing 35.94 Rip 'n Grip
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Vermiculite Loose Fill For Packing 100L Litre Bag

Vermiculite Loose Fill For Packing 100L Litre Bag
Vermiculite Loose Fill For Packing 100L Litre Bag
Description: Vermiculite for Packaging and Packing

Bag Size: 100L (100 lire bag)

Grade: Large (ideal for insulation and packaging)

More info: Vermiculite is a 100% natural loose fill material that has many uses and is commonly used as a void fill material in packing goods

Made from aluminium-iron-magnesium-silicates and it consists of thin, flat flakes. Vermiculite is also known as Micafil, we stock and sell the product in 100L (100 lire bags, 3.5 cubic ft) bags of lightweight chips and it is a fantastic alternative to common polystyrene chips loose fill including flo-pak

Vermiculite is extremely absorbent, making it ideal for packaging containers of liquids or any products that may leak during transit. It is also fireproof, so can be used to pack flammable and other hazardous goods, vermiculite is an ideal packaging material due to these unique qualities

Vermiculite is lightweight and can easily be poured around all irregular products straight from a hopper, dispenser or by hand

Standard polystyrene is supplied in massive bags making it hard to store, whereas vermiculite is supplied in much smaller bags making it easy to handle and store

Other Vermiculite Uses

Vermiculite has many other uses including: -Mix with cement to make a lightweight concrete, or with gypsum to create plaster

-As insulation for lofts and to fill cavities

-In horticulture as a soil-less growing medium, or to germinate seeds

-Inside Aga cookers as insulation to maintain high temperatures

-For filtering waste water and absorbing hazardous liquids for disposal

-In fireproofing

Call Indigo now on 01268 768 768 for all your Vermiculite requirements
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