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What are Nitrile Gloves?

What are Nitrile Gloves?


Thereís no doubting the fact that wearing medical gloves can help reduce the transmission of germs and protect against irritants, but the traditional latex gloves are often not the best choice.

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Thatís because latex isnít durable enough or puncture resistant, and a lot of people are also allergic to the material. Which is why, Nitrile gloves have become a more preferred alternative as compared to the latex ones.

Wondering what are Nitrile gloves and why you should use them?

Weíve got answers to all your questions!

Nitrile Gloves Ė Material, Strength, and Resistance

Nitrile, also known as NBR or Buna-N is a type of synthetic rubber polymer thatís used in the making of highly-durable protective gloves.

Initially, Nitrile gloves were created as a more comfortable alternative to latex gloves, so that those with latex proteins allergies can work safely.

The gloves offer great performance across a wide range of industries, and are often considered the best choice for tough jobs. Thatís because Nitrile gloves are:

Three to five times more puncture resistant as compared to latex.

Provide incredible chemical resistance and are proactively used as a barrier of protection against harmful oils and acids.

Latex-free gloves so those with latex allergy can use them safely.

Offer a comfortable fit and can conform to the shape of the wearerís hands.

The gloves have low resistance to friction which makes working easy while wearing them.

Often come with polymer coating making the rugs easier to don and doff.

The gloves are usually chlorinated, making the material softer and more comfortable to wear for longer time periods.

Nitrile can dissipate heat from the hand faster than latex, hence significantly reducing skin irritation and sweating.

In addition to this, Nitrile gloves also offer a high level of sensitivity and have a long shelf life. Plus, theyíre also more durable as compared to the common latex gloves.

Why Use Nitrile Gloves?

Choosing the right glove for every task is critically important because not all gloves offer maximum level of protection, or are durable enough to be used for tough jobs.

The major reason why Nitrile gloves are often considered to be the best choice is because of their high durability, and the fact that they provide a comfortable experience even when worn for a longer time period.

In addition to this, the gloves also come with micro roughened finger tips for enhanced grip. Moreover, Nitrile gloves can fit your hand perfectly, although they have a reputation that suggests otherwise, but this reputation was formed in the early development stages of NBR and things have changed a lot since then.

The Nitrile gloves thatíre now being produced using the advanced NBR formulae are the best possible fit and provide maximum resistance to oils, solvents, and fuels, while also helping in reducing the transmission of germs.

While latex gloves could also be used for certain application, Nitrile gloves are the only ones that make sense in some cases, such as to be used by dentists and automobile mechanics.

Moreover, with the current COVID-19 pandemic putting the lives of thousands of healthcare professionals at risk, Nitrile gloves have become a common choice since they visibly rip when punctured.

Another reason why Nitrile gloves are used by individuals who take care of COVID-19 patients is because the gloves offer seamless changes, so they can be easily replaced with new ones to reduce the spread of virus.

How Can Nitrile Gloves Aid in Your Fight Against COVID-19?

As discussed above, gloves offer protection against harmful substances while aiding in reducing the spread of germs.

Apart from this, Nitrile gloves can prove to be immensely useful in the current COVID-19 pandemic since wearing gloves can keep one from getting infected.

Hereís how Nitrile gloves can act as an effective defense against coronavirus:

Protect the wearer against secondary transmission of the virus, i.e. transmission from touching contaminated objects or surfaces such as dirty tissues or soiled linen.

Help keep germs from transferring to other surfaces.

Keeps the wearer safe if he/she is providing medical treatment or taking care of a COVID-19 patient.

However, when it comes to wearing gloves for protection against coronavirus, know that you only need gloves if youíre a health care professional, are taking care of an infected individual, or work at a pharmacy where prospective COVID-19 infectants may visit regularly.

Thatís because coronavirus is mainly in the air in form of tiny droplets that can infect you by entering your respiratory system through the mouth, nose, or eyes. And the only thing that can offer maximum protection against airborne droplets is a mask.

In other words, although gloves play a major role in keeping the virus from spreading, theyíre not essential for the general public, unless youíre caring for an infected individual or dealing with soiled clothing, bedsheet, etc.

Also, if you work in a restaurant or deal with eatables, wearing gloves can help protect the food from the range of microorganisms that might be resident on your hands.

How to Wear Your Nitrile Gloves Properly?

Healthcare workers have been using gloves since a long time, but apparently, this protective equipment is also becoming common among the general public as COVID-19 continues to envelop the world in its bacterial grip.

While some experts are still ambiguous about the protection that gloves offer, they can surely help in reducing the spread of virus and harmful bacteria, but only if youíre wearing them right.

In order to protect yourself and others, you donít just need to wear your gloves, but also make sure that you:

Donít touch your face with the gloves on.

Donít touch common use objects, such as doorknobs, with gloves thatíre potentially contaminated.

When you take off your gloves, dispose them properly and wash hands afterwards before touching anything else.

Donít wear the same pair of gloves more than once.

So, for those whoíre allergic to latex or just looking for a more durable glove that offers maximum protection, switching to Nitrile can be a great idea!

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Article Posted: 02/07/2020 13:42:29

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